Who is Kel Mitchell: Wiki, Biography , Net Worth, Age, Height and Weight

Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about Who is Kel Mitchell?, the American actor. Born on August 25, 1978, he’s known for his talent and charismatic performances. Let’s dive into the details about Kel Mitchell.\

Who is Kel Mitchell?
Who is Kel Mitchell?

Kel Mitchell Age

Who is Kel Mitchell?
Who is Kel Mitchell?

Kel Mitchell is currently 44 years old, born on August 25, 1978. As an American actor, he’s gained recognition for his work in the entertainment industry. For more recent updates, keep reading.

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Kel Mitchell Height

Kel Mitchell, the renowned American actor, stands at a height of 173 cm (5’8″) and weighs 72 kg (159 lbs). Let’s explore more about Kel Mitchell and his career.

Kel Mitchell Biography

NameKel Mitchell
ProfessionAmerican Actor
Date of BirthAugust 25, 1978
Age44 years old
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, United States
Height173 cm (5’8″)
Weight72 kg (159 lbs)
Net Worth$3 Million dollars

Kel Mitchell was born in Chicago, Illinois, where he began his journey in the entertainment industry. He kick-started his career by participating in talent showcases and local theater plays.

His breakthrough came in 1994 when he joined the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series “All That.” This marked the beginning of a successful career that included iconic roles like “Good Burger” alongside Kenan Thompson.

In addition to his acting career, Kel Mitchell ventured into music, releasing his debut album “Kel Mitchell: The Album” in 1999. He’s since released several singles and music videos.

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Kel Mitchell Net Worth

Who is Kel Mitchell?
Who is Kel Mitchell?

Now, let’s address the burning question – Kel Mitchell’s net worth. As of March 2023, Kel Mitchell has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. His popularity as an American actor has significantly contributed to his wealth.

Kel Mitchell Ethnicity

According to our latest research, Kel Mitchell, born in Chicago, Illinois, identifies with Black ethnicity. Ethnicity encompasses common cultural backgrounds, racial identity, and national origin.

It helps define a person’s unique identity and cultural connections.

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Kel Mitchell Career

Kel Mitchell’s professional journey took off in 1994 when he joined the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series “All That.” He quickly captivated audiences and remained on the show until 1999.

He also starred alongside Kenan Thompson in the cult-favorite film “Good Burger.”

Post-“All That,” Kel Mitchell continued to shine in various films and television programs, including “Mystery Men,” “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” and “The Game Shakers.”

In 2019, he hosted “Double Dare” on Nickelodeon, showcasing his enduring presence in children’s television.

Apart from his entertainment career, Kel Mitchell is a devoted Christian who openly shares his beliefs with the world. He actively participates in nonprofits and community service initiatives, making a positive impact beyond the screen.

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Kel Mitchell Achievements and Awards

Kel Mitchell’s career in the entertainment industry has been marked by notable achievements and awards, including:

  1. Two Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 1999 and 2000 for his role in “Kenan & Kel.”
  2. A 1999 NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance in “Kenan & Kel.”
  3. A 2017 Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series for his work in “Game Shakers.”
  4. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2021.
  5. Recognition from the African American Film Critics Association with the “Comedy Icon Award” in 2019.

Kel Mitchell has enjoyed a successful career in comedy and children’s television, receiving numerous accolades for his contributions.

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Who is Kel Mitchell?

Hey guys, let’s start with the basics. Kel Mitchell is an American actor born on August 25th, 1978, currently 44 years old. He’s known for his remarkable performances.

What is Kel Mitchell Net Worth?

Kel Mitchell’s net worth stands at $3 million dollars as of March 2023. Born on August 25, 1978, Kel Mitchell has made a name for himself in American acting.

What is Kel Mitchell’s weight?

The popular American actor Kel Mitchell weighs 159 pounds (72 kg). You can find more details about Kel Mitchell in the article.

How tall is Kel Mitchell?

Kel Mitchell’s height is 173 cm (5’8″), making him an impressive presence in the entertainment industry.

How old is Kel Mitchell?

Kel Mitchell was born on August 25, 1978, making him 44 years old today.

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