Who is Managing Chelsea Right Now? A Dive into Frank Lampard Current Role

In 2023, Frank Lampard, the legendary English footballer, finds himself in the role of caretaker manager at Chelsea FC.

Lampard’s journey into the world of football management has been nothing short of remarkable, with managerial stints at Derby County, Chelsea, Everton, and now, amid speculations, Rangers.

This article delves into the twists and turns of Lampard’s managerial career, his recent appointment at Chelsea, and the ongoing debate surrounding his potential move to Rangers.

Frank Lampard’s Path into Management:

Lampard’s venture into management began in 2018 when he assumed the managerial position at Derby County. His impact was immediate, leading the club to the Championship play-off final during his debut season.

This early success showcased his potential as a manager, and it didn’t take long before a Premier League giant came calling.

In 2019, Chelsea welcomed him as their manager, where he not only made significant signings but also nurtured young talents, laying the foundation for Chelsea’s future.

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Stint at Everton and Departure:

In 2022, Lampard made the move to Everton, a club with its own rich history. Expectations were high, but a series of disappointing results led to Lampard’s departure in January 2023.

The Everton experience, though brief, provided further insights into Lampard’s managerial acumen and adaptability.

Rangers and the Managerial Debate:

Currently, the football community is buzzing with speculation, particularly surrounding the vacant managerial position at Rangers. Lampard’s name has surfaced as a potential choice, sparking a debate among fans and pundits alike.

Some are enthusiastic, pointing to his Premier League successes, while others question his experience in Scottish football. Nevertheless, Lampard is not the only contender, as Steven Davis, Kevin Muscat, Chris Wilder, and others are also in contention.

The final decision is eagerly anticipated.

Summary of who does frank lampard manage

2018Manager at Derby County
2019-2021Manager at Chelsea FC
2022-January 2023Manager at Everton
April 2023 onwardsCaretaker Manager at Chelsea FC

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Lampard’s Recent Role as Chelsea’s Caretaker Manager:

On April 6, 2023, Chelsea made an announcement that reverberated across the footballing world – Frank Lampard was back at Stamford Bridge, this time as the caretaker manager for the season, succeeding Thomas Tuchel.

In this new role, Lampard wasted no time in making a statement, securing a notable win over Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final and holding Liverpool to a draw in the Premier League.

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In Conclusion:

Frank Lampard’s managerial journey has seen its fair share of highs and lows, but one thing remains constant: his unwavering commitment to the sport. Whether he ultimately accepts the Rangers challenge or continues his legacy elsewhere, only time will tell.

For now, as he manages Chelsea as their caretaker, football fans around the globe are eagerly watching this new chapter unfold.


When did Frank Lampard start his managerial career?

Frank Lampard embarked on his managerial journey in 2018 with Derby County.

Who is Frank Lampard currently managing?

As of April 2023, Frank Lampard is the caretaker manager of Chelsea FC.

Was Lampard linked to the vacant managerial position at Rangers?

Yes, there have been speculations connecting Frank Lampard to the Rangers managerial role.

How did Chelsea perform under Lampard’s previous management?

During Lampard’s first tenure, Chelsea secured a fourth-place finish in the Premier League and reached the FA Cup final.

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