Vikings Rookie Jordan Addison Cited for Going 140 in 55 Mph Zone ๐Ÿš€

Jordan Addison Cited for Going 140 in 55 Mph Zone – According to a complaint filed by the Minnesota State Patrol, Jordan Addison, a rookie receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, was issued a citation on Thursday morning for speeding and reckless driving after an officer spotted him going 140 miles per hour on a highway just outside of St. Paul.

Addison, 21, who was chosen with the 23rd overall pick in the draughts, was not arrested; nonetheless, the inquiry into the incident is still ongoing.


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In reaction to the incident, the Vikings issued the following statement: “We are aware of last night’s traffic incident involving Jordan Addison and are gathering additional information.”

A patrol officer was heading eastbound on Interstate 94 just after 3 a.m. when they “observed a driver in a Lamborghini Urus travelling 140 miles per hour in a zone that was 55 miles per hour,” according to the police report. Following a traffic stop, the officer discovered that Addison was the driver of the vehicle.

In the state of Minnesota, motorists who receive fines for exceeding 100 miles per hour face having their licenses suspended for at least six months.


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Vikings Rookie Jordan Addison Cited for Going 140 in 55 Mph Zone
Vikings Rookie Jordan Addison Cited for Going 140 in 55 Mph Zone

The Minnesota Vikings’ first day of on-field practice is slated for Wednesday, with rookies and veterans reporting to training camp on Sunday and Tuesday, respectively.

Addison was set to compete for a starting berth in the Vikings’ three-receiver formations despite missing the most of the team’s off season programmed due to a minor ailment. Addison, on the other hand, was unable to compete.


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Jordan Addison, a rookie receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, was cited for speeding and dangerous driving. A Minnesota State Patrol trooper caught him speeding at a stunning 140 mph on a motorway near St Paul.

Despite the fact that Addison was not arrested, the investigation into the incident is still underway. The Vikings, Addison’s team, have confirmed the event and are gathering additional information.

Addison was the 23rd overall pick in the draught and was expected to play a key part in the team’s three-receiver groupings as a highly touted rookie. This episode, however, may have ramifications for his availability and the team’s decision-making.


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What was Jordan Addison cited for, and how fast was he driving?

Minnesota Vikings rookie receiver Jordan Addison was cited for speed and dangerous driving. He was nabbed going 140 mph on a St Paul motorway by a Minnesota State Patrol officer.

Was Jordan Addison arrested for the speeding incident?

After speeding and reckless driving tickets, Jordan Addison was not arrested. The incident is under investigation, and the results may lead to more sanctions.

How are the Minnesota Vikings responding to the incident?

The Minnesota Vikings are investigating Jordan Addison’s traffic mishap. The investigation will determine the team’s response.

What could be the consequences for Jordan Addison’s speeding violation?

Minnesota drivers who exceed 100 mph might lose their licences for six months. Addison may be fined or lose her licence depending on the case.

How might this incident impact Jordan Addison’s football career?

This event may affect Jordan Addison, a highly touted rookie projected to push for a starting spot in the Vikings’ three-receiver setups. The seriousness of the problem and the team’s response may damage his playing time and opportunities in the upcoming season.

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