Stalekracker Net Worth 2023 | Salary, Wife, Career, Biography

Real NameJustin Chaisson
Stalekracker Net Worth$500k
Date of BirthNovember 12, 1981
Age40 years old
BirthplaceLouisiana, USA
Nationality American
Profession Social media star
Marital Status Married
Height6 feet (1.83m)
WifeAmy Chiasson
ChildrenKarlee Chiasson, Hoyt Chiasson
Weight75 kg
What is Stalekracker Net Worth in 2023 We will also know His Family, Acets, Salary, Wife, Career, and Biography In detail.

Stalekracker: Who Is He?

Stalekracker Net Worth
Stalekracker Net Worth

The popular American social media personality Stalekracker is trending across all social media channels.

The YouTuber, cookbook author, and social media star Stalekracker has a large following on YouTube. On November 12, 1981, in the United States of America, Stalekracker was born.

He is also known for posting recipes for different dishes on his Instagram and TikTok pages. On social media, he goes by the handle “Stalekracker.”

Approximately 5 million people follow him on his TikTok account. The Louisiana State Police employs TikTok star Justin Chaisson as a police officer.

He is gifted in many areas, and many people like watching his TikTok cooking videos. Stalekracker is well recognized for his cooking tutorials and films showcasing the culture of south Louisiana. The most well-known of Stalekracker’s creations are cooking videos.

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Real Name of Stalekracker

Stalekracker Net Worth
Stalekracker Net Worth

Justin Chaisson is the real name of Stalekracker. He works for the Louisiana State Police as a police officer and is well-known on TikTok. For his cooking films, Stalekracker is the most well-known.

Age of Stalekracker

The YouTuber, cookbook author, and social media star Stalekracker has a large following on YouTube. On November 12, 1981, in the United States of America, Stalekracker was born.

He is currently 40 years old. He is a multi-talented individual who is well-known for his cooking and his cooking-related videos. The following section contains details on Stalekracker’s net worth.

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Stalekracker Salary

A well-known American social media personality is Stalekracker. The worth of Stalekracker is a topic of interest for many of his followers. Here is the data in this part if you’re one of those looking for Stalekracker Net Worth.

He makes the majority of his money managing social media profiles, posting videos to TikTok, and selling merchandise. The source estimates Stalekracker’s net worth to be $500,000 as of 2022. The biography of Stalekracker is covered in the part after this.

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Height Stalekracker

Stalekracker was a popular and accomplished individual. Many of his followers might be curious about Stalekracker’s height. The details from this section are listed below.

Stalekracker is a 6-foot, 183-cm tall man. He measures 75 kilograms. Stalekracker has typical physical makeup. Information on Stalekracker’s wife can be found in the section after this one.

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Stalking Wife

Stalekracker Net Worth
Stalekracker Net Worth

Due to his amazing cooking abilities and entertainment abilities, the social media celebrity has amassed enormous renown and popularity.

He has a wife named Amy Chiasson. Amy Chiasson is a stunning 37-year-old woman. They are a Louisiana couple. Two kids total were born to Stalekracker and Amy Chiasson. Karlee Chiasson is a daughter who is 17 years old.

Hoyt Chiasson is a 14-year-old son. He enjoys a wonderful marriage and raising Benjamin and Karlee. More details regarding his private life should be made available.

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Instagram Stalekracker

Through his social media accounts, Stalekracker has amassed enormous recognition and popularity. On his Instagram account, he has 635k followers and 565 posts.

He publishes his movies and pictures on social media and is especially active on his Instagram account. He appears to be leading a comfortable life on Instagram.

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Social Media

Stalekracker Net Worth 2023 | Salary, Wife, Career, Biography


Who Is Stalekracker?

Stalekracker is a famous American social media star trending on all social media platforms.

What is Stalekracker real name?

Stalekracker’s real name is Justin Chiasson.

What is stalekracker net worth?

Stalekracker has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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