Pablo Escobar Net Worth: $37 Billion At A Peak In 2023

Name Pablo Escobar
Net Worth at Death$5 Billion
Highest Net Worth$37 Billion
Cash Reserves$4 Million
Gold & Diamonds$100 Million
Inventory$10 Billion
Assets$2 Billion
Date of BirthDec 1, 1949
Date of DeathDec 2, 1993
Place of BirthRionegro
Height5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
ProfessionDrug lord
What is Pablo Escobar Net Worth he was also the top 10 richest People in The world once. He was around $37 Billion At that time.

What was Pablo Escobar net worth?

Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Colombian-born drug lord Pablo Escobar Net Worth had a lifetime high of $30 billion. The Medellin Drug Cartel, one of the most notorious and ruthless drug cartels in history, was led by Pablo Escobar when he was alive.

At its peak, the Medellin cartel held an 80 percent share of the world’s cocaine market. Tens of thousands of homicides, if not more, were committed along the road thanks to Pablo and his cartel. These murders claimed the lives of many unarmed civilians.

Escobar’s cartel was involved in many crimes, such as bombings, kidnappings, and murders. He was well renowned for his brutal tactics, including ordering the assassinations of countless judges, police officials, and politicians who stood in his way.

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Escobar as a Robin Hood

Many people saw Escobar as a Robin Hood figure because, despite his criminal activities, he donated money and resources to the Colombian poor. He also sought office himself while leveraging his great wealth to bribe politicians and gain political clout.

Escobar’s dominance came to an end in 1993 when he was shot and killed by Colombian police. His passing marked the end of a dangerous era of drug trafficking in Colombia and helped his cartel come to an end.

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Young Years

Pablo Escobar Net Worth
Pablo Escobar Net Worth

The third of seven children born to Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and Hilda de Los Dolores Gaviria Berrio, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born December 1, 1949, in Rionegro, Colombia.

He was reared in Medellin, where it’s said that he first got involved in crime when he was a young guy. He is suspected of giving bogus diplomas and gravestones to neighborhood pickpockets to resell.

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Escobar attended the Autonoma Latinoamericana University for a limited period of time, but he didn’t finish his studies there. In the early 1970s, Escobar amplified his criminal activity alongside his friend Oscar Benel Aguirre.

They conducted small con games and offered illegal things for sale, such as counterfeit cigarettes and lottery tickets. He received $100,000 during this time for kidnapping and holding a Medellin executive prisoner.

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Criminal Records

In 1975, Pablo founded the Medellin Cartel, a significant cocaine business. He used his fleet of about twenty aircraft, which included a Learjet and six helicopters, to move drugs across the United States and between Colombia and Panama.

Escobar would obtain cocaine paste in Peru, purify it in a laboratory, and then conceal it in the tires of airplanes. A pilot may receive up to $500,000 USD per trip for carrying the drugs.

By the middle of the 1980s, the Medellin Cartel was in control of 80% of the cocaine trafficked into the United States and was earning over $420 million per week from the country’s enormous cocaine demand. The Cartel transported more than 15 tons every day.

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top ten richest people

Escobar had a net worth of $30 billion and was one of the top ten richest people in the world. At the height of his criminal career, the poor people of Medellin looked up to him as a hero, but now the U.S. and Colombian governments were actively seeking him.

By putting on a “superhero” facade and building homes, supporting young football teams, and establishing sports facilities, he had been successful in winning the support of the people of Medellin. Many people helped Pablo avoid capture by serving as lookouts and telling lies to the police.

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A Terrorist Era

Pablo Escobar Net Worth
Pablo Escobar Net Worth

In the end, Pablo’s fame brought a terror regime in his own Colombia. When Escobar was chosen to serve in Colombia’s Congress in 1982, he was unable to hide his extraordinary wealth or the source of it.

He was forced to resign two years later, and the judge who had discovered his history was later killed.

After finding that his dream of becoming Colombia’s president would not come true, Pablo Escobar became enraged at his political opponents and murdered a large number of innocent bystanders in addition to hundreds of politicians, journalists, and public officials.

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Pablo Escobar Net Worth & Wealth

When Pablo’s cartel was thriving and he was still alive, he engaged ten accountants to help launder hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal funds. He reportedly spent $2500 per month on the rubber bands he used to wrap the cash.

That would be sufficient to buy 250 000 rubber bands each month. Pablo supposedly had to write off $500 million in cash because it was decaying in walls and basements, where a lot of the money was kept.

Examples of contamination include water damage and fires, but starving rats that mistake the money for food happen more frequently. While he was on the run, Pablo even made a vow to settle Colombia’s whole $10 billion national debt provided the nation passed legislation making extradition illegal.

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Forbes Magazine

When Forbes Magazine published its debut list of global billionaires in 1987, Pablo’s wealth was first pegged at above $1 billion.

In that biography, Pablo’s total personal earnings up to that point were listed as $3 billion. After taking inflation into account, that is comparable to roughly $8 billion in today’s money. He continuously made the list of billionaires during the course of the next seven years.

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In beginning

Pablo gave General Manuel Noriega of Pablo Escobar Net Worth an estimated $350 million at the beginning of the 1980s so that he could conceal billions of dollars in the country’s banks.

Once that connection broke down and Pablo’s money was halted, the cartel allegedly put a $1 million contract out on Noriega’s life.

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Personal Life

Pablo Escobar Net Worth
Pablo Escobar Net Worth

At the age of 26, Escobar married 15-year-old Maria Victoria Henao in March 1976. Naturally, her family was against the relationship, so the pair hid their elopement.

Their two children were son Juan Pablo, afterward known as Sebastian Marroquin, and daughter Manuela. There have been countless rumors that Pablo committed adultery when the pair were still married.

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Pablo Escobar Net Worth: $37 Billion At A Peak In 2023

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