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Naval Ravikant Net Worth:$65 million
Full Name:Naval Ravikant
Date of Birth:November 5, 1974
Birthplace:New Delhi, India
Education: Dartmouth College
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Best-Known For:Co-Founder of AngelList
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What Is Naval Ravikant Net Worth?

Naval Ravikant Net Worth
Naval Ravikant Net Worth

Naval has mastered the skill of generating his own happiness. It is said that you should never put the key to your happiness in another person’s pocket. According to Naval Ravikant, the beginning of anything great must be difficult because pressure creates diamonds.

He speaks from his rough upbringing and attempts to launch his own business, but his efforts have made him a millionaire today.

How did Naval Ravikant Net Worth reach $65 million, then? This is the tale of a man who, at one time, was the most despised person in Silicon Valley and who describes himself as a rat in a race.

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His path to greatness was paved with books and love.

If Naval were interviewed, he wouldn’t be expected to discuss his upbringing. He did, however, openly admit the role his mother played in his current success when Killing Buddha urged him to share his experience.

The businessmen claimed that even if things were difficult at home, his mother ensured that there was always love present.

She had to balance working, going to school, and raising her two sons as a single parent. Naval admitted that her unwavering support gave him the confidence he needed, especially after the family moved to the US and he had no friends there.

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rebelling and instead

Fortunately, he refrained from rebelling and instead sought solace in reading. Looking back, he believes that the difficult times helped shape him into the successful investor he is today. He acknowledges that purchasing a book is not an expense but an investment.

Because of this, he views every book he has read outside of class as a wise investment, and he sees developing a love of reading as a superpower.

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despite reading

He admitted to Medium that despite reading for at least an hour every day, his habit alone is responsible for any material achievement and intelligence he has attained to this point.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Dartmouth College, therefore this does not imply that he did not pay attention in class.

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Becoming Silicon Valley’s “radioactive mud” Which Impact Naval Ravikant Net Worth

Naval Ravikant Net Worth
Naval Ravikant Net Worth

After graduating from college and moving to Silicon Valley, where he worked for a few businesses, Naval made the decision to co-found Epinions, a website for customer reviews, in 1999.

Unfortunately, Dealtime purchased the website in 2003 after receiving false information that Epinions was not moving in the right route.

According to the lawsuit brought by Naval and former employees, they were given incorrect information about Epinions’ financial situation prior to the acquisition, and important details about how the shareholders would be compensated following the merger were left out.

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false information

Naval and other plaintiffs made decisions based on false information, forfeiting their ownership interest in the company.

The company actually had an auspicious future after signing a $12 million deal with Google that would considerably boost its profitability and income.

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Developing a nickname

Naval Ravikant Net Worth
Naval Ravikant Net Worth

The fact that Naval created a legal pathway for venture capitalists to be sued, an uncommon event in Silicon Valley, which prefers to expose its bad laundry in private, contributed to Naval earning the moniker “radioactive mud” for that one litigation alone, which was resolved in 2005 for an undisclosed sum.

However, Naval was made aware of the theatrical aspects of fundraising by that episode, and he learned more about the workings of the background.

He launched a blog to inform readers about the specifics of venture capitalism and what to watch out for when selecting a co-founder.

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desire for funding

Readers, however, developed a greater interest in the desire for funding than in venture capitalist guidance. By 2009, he and the Venture Hacks co-author had compiled a list of 25 investors they hoped to introduce to businesses that would be of interest to them.

Even still, he acknowledged that the decision went against him because, as an investor, he would have put himself first in order to secure such good bargains before asking others to share in the pie.

However, he saw himself to be more of an entrepreneur than an investor, as he stated to Fast Company.

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The Hit Forge Incubator’s failure

Naval acknowledged that his desire to be involved in as many initiatives as possible was a symptom of his ADD. He was also intrigued by businesses that were just starting off.

Naval persuaded 20 entrepreneurs to form an incubator in order to launch an incubator fund. Naval did this in the hopes of recognizing that in Silicon Valley, the operators are the ones who get rewarded.

Sadly, none of the businesses he contacted were keen to join his incubator; instead, they picked Y Combinator. Naval recalls that he chased the CEO of DropBox, who likewise rejected him.

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doomed to failure

However, after holding onto the incubator for so long, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams persuaded him that it would be far better to become an investor because the idea was doomed to failure.

He realized that the people he wanted to join the incubator were successful individuals who did not require him but could still be active by putting his own money into the venture.

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the establishment of AngelList

Naval Ravikant Net Worth
Naval Ravikant Net Worth

His desire to invest in startups, however, was ineffective because it only took him five minutes to make a decision about whether to do so.

Unfortunately, he listened to entrepreneurs pitch for an additional 55 minutes out of politeness, which rendered the process useless.

Fortunately, the list of 25 investors had doubled by February 2010, prompting Naval to proclaim that he had founded AngelList because the potential investors were prepared to put $8 million in businesses. It was significantly more effective to link investors and business owners using AngelList.

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continued to invest

As Naval has continued to invest in companies and extended even to India through syndicates, AngelList now boasts assets worth billions of dollars.

The platform maintains tight requirements; those who are interested in investing in it should have a net worth of at least $1 million or an annual income of $200,000 or more. That impact much on Naval Ravikant Net Worth.

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Naval Ravikant Net Worth 2023 | Investment, Books, Biography


Who is Naval Ravikant?

Naval Ravikant is a Co-Founder of AngelList and Investor.

What Is The Net Worth of Naval Ravikant?

The Net Worth of Naval Ravikant is $65 Million.

How old is Naval Ravikant?

Naval Ravikant is 48 years old.

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