After a club inquiry, Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United

After a six-month investigation into his behavior, Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United, as all parties have mutually agreed.

When criminal charges against the football player were dropped in February, United opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Greenwood’s detention on suspicion of rape and violence.

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After a club inquiry, Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United
After a club inquiry, Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United

After pictures and an audio file started to spread online in January 2022, Greenwood was detained.

Mason, 21, will be departing Old Trafford, according to a statement released by United on Monday. The club claimed that they had “concluded that the material posted online did not provide a full picture and that Mason did not commit the offences in respect of which he was originally charged.”

Greenwood is not anticipated to play for the team again, despite the fact that his contract, which is valid until 2025, has not been revoked, according to sources who spoke to ESPN. Sources indicated that United will take into account both loan proposals and a long-term relocation.

Mason, along with everyone else involved, is aware of the challenges involved in starting again at Manchester United, according to the statement released by the club.

We will now cooperate with Mason to make that happen, as it has been mutually decided that it would be best for him to do so outside of Old Trafford.

Greenwood maintained Mason Greenwood “did not do the things I was accused of” in a different statement, but acknowledged that the choice to quit United was “best for us all.” Greenwood has been barred from workouts and games since his initial arrest.

Mason Greenwood will continue to receive his full salary while the team looks for him a new club, but sources tell ESPN that he won’t be permitted to train at Carrington, not even for a separate program away from Erik ten Hag’s first-team squad.

“I fully accept that I made mistakes in our relationship, and I take full responsibility for the circumstances that gave rise to the social media post,” Mason Greenwood said.

Arnold claimed that during the club’s inquiry, “alternative explanations for the audio recording, which was a short excerpt from a much longer recording, and for the images posted online” had been supplied, and that the woman’s family had been included in the process.

While I am confident Mason did not commit the crimes for which he was accused, Arnold noted that Mason has acknowledged his faults and accepted responsibility for them.

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“I am also conscious of the difficulties Mason would face in trying to restore his career while also bringing up a child with his partner under the harsh spotlight of Manchester United. Furthermore, this situation has sparked passionate reactions, and it is my duty to prevent any dissent from detracting from the club’s goal of togetherness.

“Even if we’ve decided that Mason will try to restart his career somewhere than Manchester United, this situation is far from over. To assist the alleged victim and Mason in moving forward with their lives in a positive way, the club will continue to offer its support.

A group of senior executives conducted United’s inquiry, which got started after the criminal case was withdrawn, and they provided Arnold with their findings.

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After a club inquiry, Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United
After a club inquiry, Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United

According to sources who spoke to ESPN, the club does not think Greenwood physically assaulted the woman and does not think Mason Greenwood used coercive tactics against her based on their discussions with her mother.

Sources claim that although the woman was offered the chance to correct any results, she chose not to interact directly with the club.

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According to sources who spoke with ESPN, the woman retracted her accusations and support for the police inquiry in April 2022.

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