Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth | Age, Career, Biography In 2023

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth$1.6 million
Full NameLorena Bobbitt
Place Of BirthUnited States
Date Of Birth1970
Age52 Years
Profession Actress
Nationality American
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Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth & Profile

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth

According to the most recent assessment, Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth is $1.6 million. She currently works as a hairstylist, although the film “Lorena” made her extremely wealthy.

1993’s June 23rd evening was a defining moment in Lorena’s life. She had lived in Manassas, Virginia, with her husband, John Bobbitt.

They both agreed to part ways before the crime was committed. Between 3:30 and 4:30 am, she got up to get some water and came back with a knife from the kitchen to cut off his penis as he was sleeping.

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Basic Information About Lorena Bobbitt

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth

The concept of marital rape was massively popularized by Lorena Bobbitt at a time when it was regarded as little more than a falsehood.

A crime like marital rape was difficult to prove at the time. When Lorena cut off her sleeping husband’s genitalia with a kitchen knife at the age of 23, she made headlines.

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scene of the crime

With the detached appendage in her hand, Lorena departed the scene of the crime and continued driving. She was unable to continue driving while mentally unstable, so she dumped the organ in a field by the side of the road. She dialed 911 as well.

No one was found guilty in the court proceedings, and the matter ended in a tie. On the evening of June 23, Lorena claimed that John had sexually assaulted her. She also discussed “forced abortion” and the abusive aspects of their relationship.

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PTSD and depression

In addition to all of this, Lorena was also diagnosed with PTSD and depression. John was also not accused of sexual assault.

Lorena committed the crime of “temporary insanity.” She was released by the State Hospital in Virginia after a 45-day period of psychiatric observation. The couple got divorced in 1995, which was two years later.

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Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth & Childhood and Family

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth

On October 31, 1970, in Ecuador, Lorena Gallo was given the name Lorena. In Venezuela, she and her two younger siblings were raised. Before getting married to John Bobbitt in 1989, when she was 20 years old, she was a student in the country.

John had two more years of age. Prior to leaving in 1991, he was employed by the US Marines. Afterward, their sole source of income was Lorena’s job at a salon.

She continued her schooling after the tragedy, starting in 2001 at a community college. There, she met David Bellinger, her current partner. A daughter called Olivia was born to them both in 2005. Virginia is where Lorena presently dwells.

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Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth & Career

  • In 1996, Lorena traveled to Ecuador and dined beside President Abdala Bucaram.
  • In 2007, she founded a group called “Lorena’s Red Wagon Organization.” She helps domestic violence victims through it.
  • Lorena and John made their on-screen debut in “The Insider” in 2009.
  • “Lorena” was published in 2019. John and Lorena were interviewed for the documentary. Producing credit goes to Jordan Peele.
  • In May 2023, the movie “I Was Lorena Bobbitt” was released, with Lorena serving as executive producer. She serves as the narrator of the movie.
  • After the well-known case, she participated in a plethora of TV interviews. It greatly increased her popularity.

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Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth & Some Information

  • According to Lorena, John still sends her flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day.
  • The word “bobbitize” was added to the dictionary by The Case. It refers to violently severing a man’s genitalia.
  • John continued to work on certain pornographic films following the incident and trials.

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Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth


What is the net worth of Bobbitt?

The net worth of Bobbitt is $1.6 million.

Who is Lorena Bobbitt married to now?

Lorena Bobbitt married to John Bobbitt.

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