Judge Reinhold Net Worth | Age, Family, Career Biography In 2023

NameJudge Reinhold
Judge Reinhold Net Worth$7 Million
Salary$4,00,000 +
Place of BirthWilmington
Date of BirthMay 21, 1957
Age66 Yrs
Height1.88m (6′ 2″)
Weight75 kg or 165 lbs
ProfessionAmerican actor
What is Judge Reinhold Net Worth in 2023 and We will also know His Family, Acets, Movie Career, and Biography In detail

What Is Judge Reinhold Net Worth?

Judge Reinhold Net Worth
Judge Reinhold Net Worth

You can learn a lot of things about Judge Reinhold on this page, including his net worth, biography, wife, age, height, and weight.

Professional actor Judge Reinhold Net Worth has a $7 million fortune. The great American actor Judge Reinhold has performed in several plays, films, and television shows.

His professional career began in 1979 with the Wonder Women episode titled Amazon Hot Wax. He then made an appearance in the 1980 movie Running Scared.

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movie Pandemonium

It was his first leading role, and he went on to become rather well-known. Judge Reinhold’s roles have typically been comedic.

He also made an appearance in the awful movie Pandemonium. Reinhold made an appearance in the wildly popular 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Reinhold’s career took off in 1984 after he was cast as the lead in Beverly Hills Cop. He continued on to appear in many other movies. As of this writing, Judge Reinhold has made appearances in more than 60 movies.

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Salary of Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold Net Worth
Judge Reinhold Net Worth

Judge Reinhold has had remarkable success and is well-known in America. He is a superb actor who has had a big influence on American movies.

His participation in more than 60 films is a remarkable feat. Reinhold has appeared in a number of movies, despite specializing in comedies.

Reinhold has performed in several voice-over parts. Judge Reinhold has also accumulated good fortune. His current net worth is estimated to be $7 million.

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Judge Reinhold’s assets


Judge Reinhold is well-known to the majority of people thanks to his main roles in comedy. Judge Reinhold resides in a nice home in Florida. Reinhold also has houses in Los Angeles.

vehicle assortment

Judge Reinhold hasn’t said anything about his cars. He may not be a huge car nut, but he does have a few cars. Reinhold has a gorgeous Chevrolet Camaro in addition to a Mercedes.

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Judge Reinhold’s bio

Edward Ernest Judge Reinhold Jr. was created on May 21, 1957, in Wilmington, Delaware, in the United States. Reinhold’s formative years were dispersed.

He was always on the go in his early years. He also used to go by Judge while he was still fairly young.

His parents got him the moniker because of the judge-like sternness in his appearance. His family moved to Virginia when Reinhold was still a young child, where he concluded his primary school.

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Judge Reinhold Net Worth
Judge Reinhold Net Worth

Later, his family relocated to Martin County in Florida. Reinhold started acting once his coursework was finished.

He had always wanted to be an actor, especially a comedian. Reinhold has one child and has been married twice. With his family, he is currently living a very happy life.

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The Work History and Honors of Judge Reinhold

In 1979, Judge Reinhold made his professional television debut on Wonder Woman. He was mentioned in each episode of the show Amazon Hot Wax.

Later on, Reinhold had other movie appearances, such as in Stripes, Pandemonium, and Running Scared.

Later, he believed he would become well-known due to his appearances on Fast Times and Ridgemont High. But it never happened, and his popularity continued to decline.

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Beverly Hills Cop

He did, however, achieve enormous fame in 1984 as a consequence of his portrayal of Beverly Hills Cop.

He gained notoriety as a result of the movie’s success and went on to win starring roles in a variety of other movies, including Roadhouse 66, Head Office, Ruthless People, etc.

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Movie Not Getting Sucess

Reinhold, however, never really made it big, and most of his movies didn’t have the kind of success they were expecting for.

<strong>Judge Reinhold Net Worth | Age, Family, Career Biography In 2023</strong>
Judge Reinhold Net Worth

He made a comeback in supporting roles and acted in numerous other movies. Reinhold has not yet won any accolades or awards despite being nominated for a Primetime Emmy.

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Judge Reinhold moved a lot in his early years. He finished his early education in Virginia before transferring to Alexis I. DuPont High School.

Prior to transferring to Palm Beach Community College, he swiftly enrolled at Mary Washington College. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina.

Social Media

Judge Reinhold Net Worth | Age, Family, Career Biography In 2023


Judge Reinhold is a very wealthy and well-known individual who has been in numerous movies and television shows throughout the course of his career.

He was given the moniker “Judge” because of his appearance, which was somewhat Judge-like from the beginning.

In keeping with his personality, Reinhold has primarily acted in comedies. He put up a lot of effort, Judge Reinhold Net Worth but he was unable to achieve the success he deserved. Reinhold, though, is thriving well and has a huge fan base.

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What is the net worth of Judge Reinhold?

Judge Reinhold’s total net worth is around $7 Million. 

How old is Judge Reinhold?

Currently, Judge Reinhold is 66 years old.

What is the height of Judge Reinhold?

The height of Judge Reinhold is 1.88 M.

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