David Sacks Net Worth And Biography In 2023

In this article, we will know David Sacks Net Worth his journey how he starts Paypal when, and about personal and interparental life in detail.

He is an investor and tech entrepreneur. He served as PayPal’s COO before founding and serving as a general partner of Craft Ventures, a venture capital firm that has financed early-stage SaaS businesses like ClickUp, OpenPhone, and Sourcegraph.

He co-hosts the “All-In” podcast, which covers politics, startups, VC, technology, and the economy.

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David Sacks Net Worth

A well-known American businessman and investor named David Sacks is thought to be valued between $2 and $3 billion.

His money has been gained through a number of lucrative business endeavors and investments in tech firms like PayPal, Yammer, and Zenefits.

In 1999, Sacks and others co-founded PayPal, which was ultimately acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion. Additionally, he built the commercial social networking site Yammer, which Microsoft purchased for $1.2 billion.

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David Sacks Net Worth
Full NameDavid O. Sacks
Net WorthAround $2 – $3 billion
Date Of BirthMay 25, 1972
Age53 years
PlaceSan Francisco
WifeJacqueline Tortorice
Birth PlaceSouth African
David Sacks Net Worth

David Sacks Net Worth & Biography

David Sacks has created a legacy of entrepreneurship that tells a tale of invention and successful exits with a Midas touch in technology firms.

Stanford University alumnus Sacks co-founded PayPal in 1998 and was a key contributor to its growth into a titan of the online payments industry, which culminated in its $1.5 billion acquisition by eBay in 2002.

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David Sacks Net Worth

He went on to develop Geni.com and Yammer, the latter of which—a social networking platform tailored for business use—was purchased by Microsoft in 2012 for an astounding $1.2 billion.

By co-founding Craft Ventures, a venture capital firm centered in Silicon Valley’s thriving tech industry, David Sacks furthered his reputation as an entrepreneur.

Craft Ventures is committed to supporting innovative software entrepreneurs, and its broad portfolio includes businesses in the SaaS, marketplace, and cryptocurrency industries. Their portfolio includes well-known investments in businesses like Bird, a pioneer in electric scooter sharing, and SpaceX, Elon Musk’s trailblazing space company.

Along with Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, and David Friedberg, he is one of the four ‘Besties’ on the All In Podcast, one of the most well-known podcasts about technology, investing, and politics.

David Sacks Net Worth & Career

Sacks began his career as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company. In 1999, he left to work with co-founders Peter Thiel and Max Levchin at PayPal.

David Sacks Net Worth

He first met Elon Musk here when he was a young man, and the two have remained close friends ever since.

David Sacks held the positions of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Product Leader at PayPal. He was in charge of creating numerous important product designs and teams.

A total of $1.5 billion was paid by eBay for PayPal in 2002. Following this, David, the other early employees, and the other founding members of PayPal earned the nickname “PayPal Mafia” in Silicon Valley.

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Other venture

Sacks utilized his funds to start the independent production company Room 9 Entertainment after PayPal’s acquisition.

In 2005, he produced and paid for the movie “Thank You for Smoking”. He started Geni.com, a genealogy website, the following year.

David started Yammer, a business communication tool, in 2008. Microsoft bought Yammer for $1.2 billion. He made an investment in Zenefits in 2014 and briefly held the position of CEO.

Sacks has 20 years of experience as an angel investor and is a well-known cryptocurrency investor. He made his first Bitcoin purchase in 2012, and he has previously mentioned holding Solana.

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David Sacks Net Worth


How did David Sacks join Paypal?

David Sacks joined PayPal as a founding team member in its early stages.

When did Devid Sacks Leave Paypal?

David Sacks left PayPal in 2002 after the company was acquired by eBay.

What is the net worth of Devid sacks?

Devid Sacks net worth is around $2 – $3 billion.

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