Chrisean Rock Net Worth | Life, Career, Biography In 2023

Net Worth$2 Million
Full NameChrisean Malone
Place Of BirthBaltimore, Maryland
Date Of Birth2000-03-14
Age23 Years
Height5 Feet 5 In.
Profession Rapper
Nationality American
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chrisean rock net worth

chrisean rock net worth
chrisean rock net worth

Chrisean Rock, an American model, musician, and internet phenomenon, chrisean rock net worth is worth $2 million. She is most recognized for releasing well-liked music videos. Chrisean is well-liked on social media and has millions of followers online.

She became well-known after her debut single, “Lonely,” was released in 2020. As a follow-up, she dropped “Word to my brother” as her second single in 2021.

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beauty tutorial vlog

Early in 2018, Chrisean started publishing her lifestyle and beauty tutorial vlogs on her YouTube channel.

The music video for her single “Vibe” was published by her in 2022. That video has over 7 million views in just six months. Her amazing and unique content has earned her more than 275k subscribers on her channel.

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Early Life

chrisean rock net worth
chrisean rock net worth

In Maryland, Chrisean Malone was born on March 14th, 2000. She was raised with 11 siblings. She was reared by her mother because her father was in prison at the time. When she was 7 years old, she first met her father.

Chrisean struggled with growing up in a large household and was homeless at the age of nine. After that, she moved in with her friends and other family members. She had always wanted to be an athlete since she was a young child.

At California’s Santa Monica College in 2018, she had the potential to flourish in the sport of track. She wasn’t necessarily interested in completing her education; instead, she wanted to travel to Hollywood and advance in the acting industry.

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chrisean rock net worth
chrisean rock net worth

She joined the cast of the wildly successful game show “Ultimate Tag” on the Fox Network due to her extraordinary physical prowess.

After that, she was awarded $10,000 in prize money. Chrisean thought it was now or never because she had made a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector.

Chrisean became a social media influencer after graduating from high school. In December 2015, she opened an Instagram account at the age of 15. She launched a YouTube channel after seeing success.

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debut video

At the beginning of 2019, Chrisean published her debut video, “How To Contour!? First Video!!”. It was a guide to beauty.

She published her second video in 2020, with the title “Makeup/contouring Vlogging the Night Vibes!” She subsequently focused on creating more athletic videos for YouTube.

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Chrisean started writing her own songs early in 2020, separate from her vlogs. In November of that year, she worked with rapper Blueface to produce her debut single, “Lonely.”

Chrisean continued to release new songs, including as “Rainy Days,” “Vibe,” “Word to my Brother,” and “Adin Ross Disstrack.”

In September 2022, she with the rapper Blueface released the hit song “Keep Swimming.” The music video for the song earned 2.5 million YouTube views in just two months. Chrisean’s appealing tunes helped her become well-known in the entertainment industry.

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Other Companies

chrisean rock net worth
chrisean rock net worth

In 2020, the year Chrisean Rock received her Santa Monica College diploma, she learned she was caught up in a pandemic.

She had plenty of chances to audition for roles at the time if she wanted to break into the television industry.

Despite all the work being put on hold, she did get her chance when she was selected to be a cast member of Blue Face’s “Blue Girls Club.”

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reality program

This reality program was produced and directed by the rapper at his home specifically for social media platforms.

At the conclusion of the series, rapper Blue Face was so smitten with Chrisean that he declared her the competition’s victor and signed her to his record label. Rapper and Chrisean worked together on their debut track, “Lonely,” shortly after.

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Personal Life

chrisean rock net worth
chrisean rock net worth

Chrisean Rock and rapper Blueface began dating in 2019. There has been a sporadic link between the two. In a video taken in August 2022 on a street in Los Angeles, the two can be seen arguing.

The couple’s connection was mainly kept in the quiet up until Chrisean stole Blue Face’s Mercedes G Wagon and tried to return to Baltimore.

Soon after, in February 2022, she was arrested in Oklahoma. Blue Face refuted Chrisean’s claims that she was carrying his child when she later made them public.

Despite this, Chrisean has five tattoos in memory of Blue Face on her body, one of which is on her neck. She revealed on Twitter that Blue Face had finally asked her to marry him.

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Social Media

Chrisean Rock Net Worth | Life, Career, Biography In 2023


Where was Chrisean Rock born?

Chrisean Rock was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is the net worth of Chrisean Rock?

The net worth of Chrisean Rock is $2 million.

Who is Chrisean Rock Boyfriend?

Chrisean Rock Boyfriend is Blueface.

What is the Height of Chrisean Rock?

The Height of Chrisean Rock is 5 feet 5 In.

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