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Are you going on holiday and hoping to find pet friendly holiday accommodation, such as a pet friendly rental house, unit or hotel/motel?  There is a list of pet friendly holiday accommodation places at the end of this article.

For some of us, holidays without our beloved pet just isn't much of a holiday at all.  We like to take our best buddy along, to share the fun times.  We'd miss him too much, or he would miss us, if we didn't go on holiday together.  And sometimes it's just really difficult to find a trustworthy person who is available to look after our pets, especially if we are going away for an extended time.  There's always boarding kennels... but they are expensive and fairly impersonal.  A pet who is used to a lot of company may fret.

Luckily, there are quite a few places that offer pet friendly accommodation, where your pet is welcome, and even treated as one of the family.

There are quite a variety of options available to the loving pet owner.  It just depends on what type of accommodation you are looking for.  A pet friendly caravan park, where you can park your caravan, or pitch your tent? Or would you prefer a pet friendly hotel or motel, with a little more luxury, and room serice?  Maybe a pet friendly apartment, right near the beach, where you and your pal can run on the sand?  A pet friendly B&B, where your friendly hosts cater to your needs, and spoil your furry friend? Or one of many secluded pet friendly rental houses or cottages, with room to move, and lots of privacy? There are even real luxury pet friendly accommodation locations, for those who want something special!

Different places allow different kinds of pets. Some allow basically anything, others allow only dogs, or cats, or birds, or maybe your horse will be welcome.

The list at the end of this article shows some places at which pets are welcome, to get you started.

But make sure that you check out the large variety of other pet friendly accommodation online! You can often find special deals, and wonderful hideaways, that you may not easily find anywhere else!

Below are some things to check, where applicable, when enquiring about pet friendly holiday accommodation:

  • Will your pet be allowed inside?
    Are there any conditions/exclusions?

  • For outdoor pets, is there somewhere safe, protected, and secure for them to sleep?

  • Is there a kennel, or a special dog run, or an area which is securely fenced?

  • Are dogs required to be on leads at all times, or are there areas in which they can run free?

  • Will ot her guests staying there (if applicable) also have pets, and if so, what type?

  • Is a current vaccination certificate required?
    What about proof of flea treatment?

  • Is there a limit on number of pets at one time, or type, size or breed of animals allowed?

  • Will there be an extra per night charge, or a cleaning fee, for pets staying on the premises?

Naturally, you will be expected to keep your pet under control, and not allow it to cause a nuisance to other animals, people, or to cause any damage to the property.  And remember, a good pet owner takes responsibility for cleaning up after their pet.

Here are a few places that offer pet friendly accommodation (or did at the time of writing), to get you headed in the right direction.
Please note- we only list these properties and in no way personally vouch for them.  You will need to do your own research and use your own judgement when deciding where to stay.


Featured Accommodation

Bruny Island

Fully self contained holiday accommodation on Bruny Isle.
Pet friendly-cable T.V- fully fenced. Complete home away from package.
Opposite dog friendly beach & Jetty. Post card views!  House sleeps 6. 
You will be back again & again, once you see what we have to offer.  Affordable Rates.

Website Or call Kimberly on 0428 568 853.


Featured Accommodation

53 Deloraine, Northern Tasmania

Fully furnished. Self contained. Self catering. Pet friendly.
2 bedrooms. 1 bathroom. Separate toilet. Separate dining. Lounge.
Office. Laundry. Fenced backyard.
Couple preferred, but can sleep 4 adults. Pets Welcome for FREE.
$100 per night for 2, $20 per extra person per night.
$600 weekly for longer stays.

website :
email :



Old Railway Cottage
North Motton, Northern Tasmania
Allows pets to stay indoors.
All facilities for 6 persons staying in Tasmania.
We have been open 3 years and come highly recommended.

Denison View Cottage
87 Rosedale Road

Peck's on Pine Victorian Cottage
25 Pine Street
West Hobart, TAS 7000

Redbill Caravan Park
36 West Arm Rd,
Beauty Point Tas 7270

Glenbrook House & Cottage
81-91 Brownes Lane
Penguin Tas 7316
Phone (03) 6437 1469

Bruny Island
Alonnah Island Views


Mob: 0428 568 853

Rosebery Caravan Park
Park Rd, Rosebery Tas 7470
Phone (03) 6473 1366

The Grove (Nanna's Cottage)
PO Box 68, Georgetown TAS
Ph: (03) 6382 1336

Near Swansea & Freycinet National Park
Phone 0417 599 063

Trelawney by the Sea
6 Chalmers Lane
Devonport Tas 7310

Launceston TAS
Ph: 0419 521 947

The Old Chapel
107 Wellington St,
Longford Tas 7301
Phone (03) 63911319

Tomahawk Caravan Park
Lot 1 Main St,
Tomahawk Tas 7262
Phone/Fax (03) 6355 2268

Mole Creek Caravan Park
2 Union Bridge Rd,
Mole Creek Tas 7304
Phone (03) 6363 1150

Great Alpine Inn
844 Great Alpine Road Freeburgh,
Bright TAS
Ph: (03) 5750 1600

Wayatina Camping Ground and Caravan Park
Wayatina Rd, Wayatina Tas 7140
Phone (03) 6289 3317



Don't forget to check out other options online too,

as there are many more...

and you might just find the ideal holiday location to share with your "best buddy"!

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