TIVO Digital PVR

Record, pause, rewind TV.. it even KNOWS what you want to watch..

TIVO works with a national EPG
You can easily record a whole Series
TIVO can connect to your home network
TIVO cost Australia

TIVO can off you  suggestions based on what you like to watch. TIVO is in High Definition! The TIVO with remote control.


With the TiVo PVR (personal video recorder), you get amazing control over free to air live TV.
If you happened to miss something you can just rewind live TV, you could also pause it (to go to the bathroom or answer the door - up to 30 minutes!), re-play it or play it back again in slow motion., and.. so much more...

National EPG (Electronic program guide)

This will provide you with an up to date program listing for all channels available to your Tivo recorder. You can then just choose what programs you want to watch with the press of a button on your Tivo remote control. It's as easy as that with the Tivo digital recorder.

Easily and Automatically find and record your favourite TV shows

A WishList search records every movie, biography or interview with your movie favourites, like Tom Cruise, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock or Jodie Foster. The TiVo PVR can automatigically record your AFL footy team's games, or your favourite reality TV shows, or favourite TV game shows. Or, you can search for concerts by your favourite band. Whatever you would like to watch, TiVo makes it much easier to find it, and record it, stored away for when you are ready to watch it.

The Tivo PVR makes it possible to record a single TV show or record the whole series

When you find the TV show you like, simply choose whether you want to record one episode, or all episodes in the TV series. They will then be saved on to your TiVo digital recorder ready and waiting for when you choose to watch them. So now when you want to record your favourite TV shows, you just Tivo it.

You don't have to worry about filling Tivo digital recorder, it will remove its own demos and suggestions and then deleting your oldest recordings (according to your settings) to make room if it needs it.

See what's Now Playing on your Tivo

The TiVo has a Now Playing list which will show you what your TiVo digital recorder has stored for you. Choose your show and immediately you can start watching it on your TV. As with the live TV features, you can pause, replay, and even fast forward through any boring parts (eg. skip the ads) all from the comfort of your seat with the Tivo remote control.

TiVo can connect to the Internet for even more possibilities

TiVo can connect to the world of entertainment from Australian free to air TV broadcasters and the internet. TiVo can bring you entertainment from TiVo's commercial content partners and providers (some of the big names in Australian entertainment).

Via TiVo's online scheduling you can set your TiVo to record your favourite TV shows from anywhere you are, that you have access to the web, through a easy to use web interface.

TiVo work with your Home Network

You can connect your TiVo unit to your own home network and you can play music and view digital photos from your computers on your TVs.

Also, if you set up a TiVo box in the bedroom (for example) you will be able to view what has been recorded and stored on a TiVo box in another room, like the lounge room and the other way round of course!.

Tivo Australia - Current News and Information

-----> (in part from news.com.au & Seven Media Group press release) 2008-6-1

The SEVEN Network will launch the TiVo digital video recorder this month in an effort to stem the migration of free-to-air viewers to pay TV.

TiVo digital video recorders (DVR) will be sold in Harvey Norman stores from July 29 for $699 without a pay-TV-style subscription fee, Seven said in a presentation.

The company said it aimed to benefit from the move to digital television and gain more accurate ratings data and new advertising methods by selling the Tivo.

"There's been a lot of conjecture about how free-to-air television will rise to the challenge of technology," Seven chief executive David Leckie said.

"We now have... the world's best DVR. You don't need to subscribe to Foxtel.

"This is about expanding the television experience of seven out of 10 Australians who only choose to watch free-to-air television."

Viewers will be able to plug their television aerial into the TiVo DVR, which has two high definition tuners, enabling a person to record two programs while watching a third pre-recorded show.

The TiVo can record up to 60 hours of standard programs or 20 hours in high definition.

A broadband connection will allow the TiVo to download upgrades to the internal system, as well as access online content - such as video files - in the future.

The TiVo also allows viewers to catch up with programs as it stores the preceding 30 minutes. Viewers can pause and rewind the program if it is live, and fast forward through recorded sections.

Tivo's interface gives viewers the ability to record programs by specifying a show, or those with a particular actor or director, or in a particular genre. The DVR can be set to record remotely through the internet or mobile net.

Harvey Norman will sell the TiVo exclusively as launch partner until it is made available to other retailers before the end of the year.

Seven owns TiVo Australia and has a licensing agreement with the US-based TiVo company, which was founded in 1997. Seven also has a partnership with wireless broadband provider Unwired, which provides expertise in sales, retailing and distribution.

The broadcaster is aiming to tailor advertising to specific viewers with the information it gains about viewing habits. Seven also hopes to tap new advertising methods, such as creating margins on the screen that contain ads.

"The interactive advertising solutions will come in time," Seven's network director of sales James Warburton said.

What is TiVo?

Like other PVRs, TiVo features: two high definition tuners; the ability to record, pause and rewind live TV; and an Electronic Program Guide. There's the choice of a 320GB or 160GB hard drive, too. However, TiVo offers some additional features that set it apart:

Season Pass: Automatically records every episode in a TV series you nominate, even if the network changes its schedule. Season Pass cancels the scheduled recording automatically when the series ends, and looks out for your show when it returns for a new season.

WishList: Enter as many searches as you like and every time the seven-day on-screen guide is updated, WishList automatically scans for programs with your favourite actors, directors, genres or other keywords. Shows which match are then scheduled for recording.

CASPA On-Demand: Lots of content to download via broadband -- including television shows, music clips, artist interviews and concerts -- plus you can download movies with Blockbuster Movies on Demand. Once you start playing the movie, you have between 24 and 48 hours to watch it as many times as you wish before it is automatically deleted.

TiVo Suggestions: Recommends programs you may like, and even records them automatically, based on your recordings and viewing habits.

TiVo Genie
: Connect to TiVo using any internet access point, including your notebook PC, an internet café or the local library; TiVo Genie even supports many internet phones and smartphones. Log into the TiVo website and schedule recordings via the on-screen TV guide.

TiVo KidZone: Protect your children by blocking certain programs and channels, screening the classification of a program or limiting viewing to pre-recorded programs.

So, the latest entertainment technology to enter the Australian home is the PVR - Personal Video Recorder (digital recorder) and Tivo will be an important PVR product for Seven Media Group. There are numerous other

digital video recorders on the market in Australia and you should check out which particular digital recorder suits your particular needs.

TiVo Cost Australia

Tivo is out now in Australia and ready for you and your TV, currently they are selling for around $499 - $699 AUD.